What we do

Donations from the purchases at ImanClothing have led to the amazing projects ranging in a variety of countries across the world.


(SPOT – Supporting the People of Tomorrow)

ImanClothing is currently working with the charity SPOT to help build water wells in Gambia. There are huge stretches of land where clean water is simply not available (2015).

We are currently in the process of setting up plans to build and sustain an orphanage (2015 – Ongoing)


Syria (One Nation)

Here a project was undertaken known as Warmth for Syria. This occurred during the winter crisis (2014-2015)




Palestine (Ummah Welfare Trust, Interpal, Islamic Help, Human Appeal, UKIM)

ImanClothing first began during Ramadan 2014, where donations were sent directly to Palestine to provide emergency relief through a number of different charities (2014).


ImanClothing began with work in the local community, to raise money for the people in Palestine. This continues all over London. (2014-ongoing).

ImanClothing at the London protest for Palestine (2014)

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